Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapeutic interventions to help resolve ongoing difficulties with a range of presenting interpersonal difficulties and transitions.


Counselling services are provided to you as an individual should you be experiencing difficulty adjusting to challenging circumstances in one or more areas of life; you may also have anxiety, depression or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Russell’s collaborative way of working with you as a client is underpinned by psychodynamic principles and uses evidenced based approaches. As Russell is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker you may be eligible for Medicare rebates if referred by your GP. Russell can advise you how to find out about this.


Psychotherapy can provide you with deeper levels of counselling interventions to help you understand and resolve personal problems that have themes and patterns that continue to emerge usually over many years. Russell has over twenty years supervised practice experience working therapeutically with adults presenting with a range of personal difficulties.

Couple Counselling

Providing counselling to you and your partner to help you resolve a range of difficulties you may be experiencing in your relationship. As a social worker, Russell is trained to use a systems approach in working with couples; this means he works objectively with you and your partner as a single entity and not favouring one or the other unless someone’s safety is risk usually from family violence or other forms of abuse.

PTSD Counselling

If you are from an emergency services and military background Russell can provide you with the tools and support to assist you understand and resolve the impact traumatic events can have on your quality of life whether of not his has resulted in a formal diagnosis of PTSD. Russell has over 25 years counselling experience with war veterans (mainly Vietnam veterans) and their families as well as with Emergency Services personnel.

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