Organisational Consulting

Helping your organisation improve performance by balancing business needs with the well-being of your staff.

Strategic Planning

Having been a leader, manager and member of executive groups Russell can work collaboratively with you and your group to set strategic direction going forward through facilitating strategic planning sessions, employee engagement, problem solving on the redesign of service delivery frameworks or evaluating your overall business direction. Russell utilises a systemic approach underpinned by action based methodologies and process driven mechanisms.

Stakeholder Consultation and Focus Groups

With his social work background Russell is highly skilled at stakeholder engagement and action based research methodologies. He can work with your client groups and communities of interest and set up and run focus groups to help you with needs based planning, undertaking social research projects as well as the evaluation and review of service delivery programs

Team Building & Conflict Resolution

As organisations evolve and change over time with changes to client needs, government funding and support together with the consideration of your staff requirements in terms of an ageing workforce and work life balance, teams can tend to have problems with employee relations, role confusion and shifting boundaries. Russell can assist you as a manager and team leader to explore and help implement interventions to rework and rebuild teams to build trust, be more productive and create personally satisfying work environments. Russell uses systemic and process driven methodologies to achieve positive outcomes.

Performance Management & Career Planning

From his experience as a manager of service delivery teams, Russell understands the value of a good performance review framework and related processes. Done well, this leads to happier staff knowing they have a career direction and managers feeling like their staff are content in their roles or planning career moves. This in turn leads to stability in your workforce balanced by a healthy throughput of staff. These two seem contradictory but both dimensions are important in today’s organisations. Russell is able to work with you to provide advice and assistance with performance reviews and related processes such as how to structure and conduct career conversations with your staff.

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